List of domestic duck breeds with pictures.

A muscovy mother duck with her ducklings.


How many breeds of duck are there?

There are 93 breeds of domestic duck listed from around the world. Some of these are assumed to be extinct or functionally extinct.

Ducks are often named after the location in which they were first bred.

A list of common domestic duck breeds:

  • Abacot ranger - 
  • Ancona - 
  • Aylesbury ducks - A large all white dual purpose duck.
  • Bali ducks - 
  • Blue Swedish ducks - 
  • Call ducks - 
  • Campbell
  • Cayuga ducks - 
  • Cherry Valley - 
  • Crested ducks - 
  • Indian Runner ducks - 
  • Magpie ducks - 
  • Muscovy ducks - 
  • Orpington ducks - 
  • Pekin ducks - 
  • Rouen ducks - 
  • Saxony ducks - 
  • Silver Appleyard - 
  • Welsh Harlequin - 


Are domestic ducks the same as wild ducks?

All domestic ducks, except for the Muscovy duck, have been selectively bred from the wild Mallard. Human breeders have selectively made use of genetic mutations and  the natural variability of wild Mallard to speed up the selection process and create modern domestic duck breeds.

The Muscovy is a large native American species of duck. 


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